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What is product design?

Product design is the complex process of taking an idea, and through creative problem solving, turning it into a product.

At TTS we apply that same design process to the world of education. It means we work with some of the best and brightest in the industry to find the problems teachers and students are facing.

Once we understand those problems, we get to work solving them. Through research, sketching, prototyping and 3D CAD we design new solutions in the form of products. As designers we need to consider everything from how it might be held to how it can be made, how much it will cost to how easy it is to use, and above all how safe it will be for our users. Throughout the design process we work with our in house education specialists and development team to innovate and iterate as we find a way to bring those designs to the market.

As designers at TTS we get to work on a product from its early days as a concept right through to it being a finished packaged resource. We really wanted to share some of the things involved in that journey, so we’ve put together this short video showing some highlights of our work over the past few years.

We hope you learn a little about product design at TTS, find out what has gone into some of our newest resources and above all…enjoy watching how much fun it is to bring new ideas to life!

What does our design process look like?


  • Research the latest opportunities in technology, materials, and manufacturing.
  • Discover the problems or gaps in schools and nurseries.
  • Keep on top of the Industry news in both design and education
  • Early concept designs
  • Gain customer insights on new ideas
  • Sustainability research


  • Consider product functions
  • Research the product specific market
  • Discover what improvements can be made to existing products
  • Research relevant material, colour and design trends
  • Gather Price information
  • Consider size and quantities


  • Concept sketching
  • Concept reviews and refinement
  • 3D CAD design
  • Electronic component positioning
  • Image rendering
  • Illustration
  • Brand design including logos and colour schemes
  • Stakeholder reviews and reviews for international marketplaces
  • Prototyping through modelling or 3D printing
  • Sewing
  • Quality and safety reviews and refinement
  • Animating in 2D and 3D
  • Sound editing
  • Display and presentation boards
  • User interface design and logic functions


  • User testing
  • Supplier and manufacture negotiations
  • Design for manufacture and value engineering
  • Materials checks and sample reviews
  • Put products through safety testing and make any required adjustments
  • Work with QA team to check for product quality
  • Tooling and manufacture reviews
  • Packaging design and packaging sample reviews
  • Manual and guide design and creation
  • Produce supporting product materials
  • Assist on product photography and provide support material for catalogues
  • Get the product ready to hit the market!

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