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Who is Oti-Bot?

The future of cross-curricular learning:

We are excited to introduce you to Oti-Bot, our most advanced, cross-curricular, programmable robot to date, designed to support the future of robotics.

Oti-Bot supports a wide range of computer science and coding skills, aligned to 21st-century skills development and integration of STEAM into your teaching, with advanced functions such as machine learning capabilities, accurate 360° movement and live video streaming.

What makes Oti-Bot so unique?

  • Oti-Bot is built with Interchangeable tummies to enhance the input/output capabilities and support a multitude of different abilities  and learning styles. 
  • Enable collaborative learning in the classroom by live video streaming Oti-Bot’s activities to multiple devices.
  • All data collected via facial recognition is safely and securely stored on the robot without the need to connect to the internet or a network.
  • Using well-known Scratch blocks to programme, users will be confident using all the different features packed into Oti-Bot.
  • Control, stream, and programme interactive algorithms, all from the accessible and friendly app.
  • Oti-Bot has fully updateable firmware and a rechargeable battery, so he’ll last and be loved in the classroom for years to come.

4 C’s of Learning through Oti-Bot:

Critical thinking:

Oti-Bot’s many inputs/outputs and programmable features allow children to develop their coding, programming and problem-solving skills.


Oti-Bot encourages collaboration within groups by using one robot but multiple devices, working as one to create different scenarios.


Oti-Bot provides the freedom for children to create and build algorithms which put in to practice a whole range of skill and knowledge – including block-based programmes for drawing, colour sensing and line follow.


Oti-Bot can record, playback and stream audio and video, supporting speaking and listening skills. Facial recognition adds a new dimension and a humanoid element to Oti, using the face follow and emotion outputs to communicate with children.


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